Valuation and Real Estate

1.0 Introduction
The Department of Valuation and Real Estate Management is charged with the responsibility of managing Council’s real estateinitiating property development and investment and providing valuation services. It comprises three sections, namely;

  1. Valuation Section
  2. Real Estate Management Section and

  • Property Development Section.

These sections are supported by the Administration Section for Departmental co-ordination.

1.1 Valuation Section
The Section is charged with the responsibility of ensuring efficient and timely preparation of the Main and Supplementary Valuation Rolls as well as attending to associated queries and provision of general valuation services to the Lusaka City Council and the general public. The valuation rolls are prepared for the purpose of levying property rates on all rate able properties within the City of Lusaka in accordance with the provisions of the Rating Act, No. 21 of 2018 of the Laws of Zambia. As an oversight responsibility, the section works closely with Finance Department in resource identification and mobilization.

The functions of the Valuation Section include;

  • Facilitation of the preparation of the Main and Supplementary Valuation Rolls.
  • Attending to post valuation enquirers and rates administration; and  Preparation of valuation reports for various purposes to the Lusaka City Council and the general public.
  • 1.2 Real Estate Management Section

    The section is charged with the responsibility of managing Council’s property portfolio to ensure that they are managed professionally and efficiently using the best current estate management principles so as to enhance their value to the Council.

    The functions of the Real Estate Management Section include:

    • Allocation of premises for rent;
    • Lease administration;
    • Rental revisions;
    • Performance tracking of the property portfolio;
    • Maintenance of an Asset Register;
    • Facilitating property maintenance;
    • Facilitation of processing of titles for Council properties; and
    • Administering property sales and acquisitions.

    • Property Development Section

    The Section is charged with the responsibility of initiating and promoting property development and investments for Lusaka City Council and ensuring that underutilized parcels of land are re-developed so as to put them to the Highest and Best Use in order to keep up with modern trends and obtain the best yield from property investment.

    The functions of the Property Development Section include:

    • Identification of land/property for development/redevelopment;
    • Facilitation of the undertaking of feasibility studies for property developments;
    • Facilitation of the implementation of infrastructure projects through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) concept; and
    • Initiating property development and investment.

    2.0 Revenue Streams

    The Department is directly linked to the following revenue streams of the Lusaka City Council:

    • Property rates,
    • Rentals from Council properties; and
    • Revenue realized from the disposal of Council assets.

    3.0 Achievements

    The Department achieved the following milestones;

    • Recently facilitated the preparation of the following Valuation Rolls;
    • Main Valuation Roll of 2013 was prepared with about 63,400 properties captured with billing of new rates effected on 1st January 2016.
    • Supplementary Valuation Roll No. 1 of 2013 saw 13,600 properties captured in 2018 which has resulted in an increase in the total number of properties captured to 77,000 properties in the current valuation roll.
    • Initiated the preparation of feasibility studies on some Council properties/sites for purposes of redevelopment namely; Luburma Market, Kabwata Market, Chifundo Market, Buseko Market, North Forest Market, Lusaka City Library and the Nationalist Stadium.

    4.0 Plans for 2019 and Beyond

    In line with the Strategic Plan of 2017 to 2021, the Department is working on the following projects for 2019:

    • Facilitate the preparation of the Main Valuation Roll of 2018 for the purpose of updating property rates which will commence from 2019 to 2020.
    • Complete feasibility studies and commence the redevelopment of the identified sites to modernize the properties and add on to Council’s property portfolio.

    5.0 Summary

    The Department is committed to ensuring that council properties are professionally managed, new property developments are initiated and valuation services are provided efficiently and effectively.

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