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Funeral services

The funeral services unit deals with life and death. The services are provided under the Act of law under the Public Health Act CAP 295 and the Local Government Act CAP 281.

Main services include some of the following:

  • Provision of burial space, which include the following standards

High Cost, Medium cost provided at Leopards Hill cemetery
Low cost provided at Chunga cemetery

  • Issuance of Burial permits for all deaths occurring in Lusaka
  • Record keeping of all burials conducted in Lusaka
  • Maintenance of cemeteries, landscaping, maintenance of roads and provision of securities
  • Provision of hearse services to the general public

University teaching hospital (UTH) burial permit office

The office is situated at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) near the bus station. The following services are available at this office:-

  • Registration of all births occurring in the city of Lusaka
  • Keeping of death records
  • Submission of death notices to the National registration office
  • Data entry and analysis

Procedure for obtaining a burial permit

Burial permits are only obtained with the following requirements

  • The medical cause of death (medical form 14)
  • Police report
  • Authority for burial without post-mortem from the courts of law
    of ZKM 20,000.00 or KR20.00
  • Medical form 34
  • A payment of ZMK 20,000 or ZMW 20


Procedure for conducting a burial in Lusaka

A visit to any of our cemeteries with one of the following documents: –

  • A burial permit, medical form 34 (in the case of still born) or any other relevant document
    required for burial
  • Depending on the preference the following are the charges for high cost, medium cost and
    low cost burial sites:





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